The 3 Day Hosted-Buyer Event Where Innovative Outdoor Business Gets Down to Business

January 10-12, 2018

Salt Lake City, Utah

seeking outdoor innovation

JANUARY 10-12, 2018
The 3 day event connecting serious buyers, innovative vendors, venture capitalists and sourcing agents.
No social warriors here - just business.
The most innovative industry show in the outdoor market.

First 2 days - 16 guaranteed appointments.
At registration the vendors indicate many of the buyers they want to meet with, then our system builds the meetings.
Vendors & buyers have the unique opportunity to work directly with vetted financiers (not banks) who can make deals happen on site.
On the final day of the show the vendors display, sell and discuss all their innovative show inventory in a one-of-a-kind sneak peak to the fine sportsmen of Utah.

Hosted buyers are selected and determined by the vendors at registration.
Hosted buyers are invited to attend the show with all travel, lodging and accommodations covered by OUTDOORSMAN.
Hosted buyers agree to have 16 set appointments over the first 2 days.
Non-Hosted buyers are welcome however they pay $495 for the show and are required to set a minimum of 8 appointments.

We bring in vetted seed money and venture capitalists to facilitate transactions and p.o.'s.
Consider it a natural, real-time shark tank.
This creates that 'unicorn' environment - where big buyers can fall in love with an innovative product and then be confident in the new vendors financial sustainability.
Vendors are given opportunities to determine if equity or debt positions are most suitable to their companies long term interest.
We told you... we help you get down to business!

Our qualified sourcing agents have deep experience, connections and factories all over the world.
For some companies, our well vetted sourcing agents can be a critical component in completing the vendor - buyer - financier circle.

It's not just dinner. It's an event.
We pre-select 6 - 10 vendors and their products. The vendors then pitch to our exclusive panel of Venture Capitalists.
Questions from the audience are directed at both the vendors and the capitalists.
Deals are struck and possibilities are endless. Enjoy your meal....

There is no better place in the world to hold an outdoor show....for the industry or for the consumer.
As a way to thank the great Utah community we 'open-up' the final day of the show.
The open show gives the Utah sportsman a unique opportunity to preview and purchase all of the innovative products featured during the industry show.
The last day of the show is open to the public but attendees must be registered in advance. Register below. Limited numbers.

We offer precedence to the new and innovative outdoor products and companies.
By design, you may not see all the big name players here but you will see the new, innovative and creative players.
We place a premium on our show price, but, we get appointments, we get funding.... and we get results.
We seek outdoor innovation.

countdown to the OUTDOORSMAN SHOW


"A customer can have a car painted any color he wants as long as it is black"

"A vendor can have a booth any size they want as long as it is 10x15"
(Lets talk if you think you are the exception.)

This is not a show where the big brands suck the oxygen out to the room.
This is a show where we focus on innovative companies and products.
We are designed for proper display, effective meetings and comprehensive business - not flash.
Our marketing services, offered through Rescue 1 studios, give continuity, conformity and cohesiveness throughout the floor vendors.
If you are a big brand - our marketing services will give lazer focus to your new product.
If you are a new brand our marketing services will give you everything you need to be successful.

The full marketing package is included in the prices below.
Its so simple: booths appear uniform and organized in a proven meeting environment.
Booths are built to showcase products to buyers.

Vendors ship in the product ahead of time so that it can be properly set up in the booth prior to arrival.
All the vendors have to do is show up with staff for the booth. Sell to buyers. Sell to the public on the last day. Go home with purchase orders and cash in hand. Vendors own all marketing material, including tablet displays, in their booth and can opt to take it home at the shows conclusion.

You might feel like you've walked into the truman show, but that is deliberate. No unnecessary distractions for any party attending or displaying at the show.


Vendor. Sponsors. Non-hosted Buyers. Thank 'U'tah Attendees.

10×10 Vendor Booth

10x10 booth.  $110 sq/ft.  3 days.  22 guaranteed appointments. Premium hard wall booth with power, table and chairs.  Yes power.  No drayage.

$11,000 Limit 100 Buy Now

10×20 Vendor Booth

Only 100 available.  10x20 booth.  $110 sq/ft.  3 days.  22 guaranteed appointments. Premium hard wall booth with power, table and chairs.  Yes power.  No drayage.

$22,000 Limit 100 Buy Now

20×20 Vendor Booth

Only 100 available.  20x20 booth.  $110 sq/ft.  3 days.  22 guaranteed appointments. Premium hard wall booth with power, table and chairs.  Yes power.  No drayage.

$44,000 Limit 100 Buy Now

Window Sponsor

Your company - on every window in the exhibit hall.

$10,000 Limit 1: Sold Out Sponsor Now

Non-Buyer Companion

Bring them along.....If you want to bring a companion to the show - this badge is a must.  To help maintain vendor/buyer clarity this badge clearly indicates the non-buyer status. No children under 16

$195 Limit 1 Per Buyer Buy Now

Non-Hosted Buyer

We welcome non-hosted buyers at the OUTDOORSMAN Show.  Registration requirements:  Indicate purchase levels.  Complete questionnaire.  Set minimum of 8 scheduled appointments.

$495 Buy Now

Thank ‘U’tah Attendee

Final day of the show. Open to the public. Attendees must be pre-registered. Local outdoorsmen get an inside opportunity to preview and purchase all the innovate products. There is no better place in the world to hold an outdoor show....for the industry, for the consumer.

$20 Limit 5000 Register Now


Get with us by completing the form below or you can call / text 435 757 5066




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